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released November 1, 2010

Vegg : Jé, Dré, Gui & Oliv / Additional ghost suckers : Stoo, Ségolène, Bux
Recorded by Louis & Nebou at Studio de la Petite Porte, Saint Benoit, july 2010
Mixed by Nebou - Mastered by Raf - Artwork by Oliv
Thanks : Bux, Nico, Stoo, friends, each of you



all rights reserved


VEGG Paris, France

"Since everything is ruined, let's laugh about it and play some beautiful music"

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Track Name: I will never sleep again because you're a ghost, sucker
Another restless night, i'm staring at the ceiling. There a spider spreads from a crack. A spider spreads from a crack on the wall. There a car passes, there a car passes by down street. Its lights make the rain. The raindrops on the window shine. I'm not scared. Think i can hear noise around me. Cos i'm not. Sleeping, so do i think.Who am i' Kidding, been there for years. I'm not scared. Never sleep with a ghost. I think i can hear, my neighbours upstairs. Ghost sucker. Well, i used to think, maybe they were dead. Ghost sucker
Track Name: How it all began to spread around us then within each of us
You're a shadow, you're a ghost. Your eyes, your faces are void. Empty like your brain, could kill you right away. But i've got better ways, let you die slowly. It's too late, go out. I will unplug your soul. What's happening, can watch you melting. You're being stuck, you feel infected. Didn't see it coming, seemed so harmless, just a few cables, unimpressive disease, infection grew slowly. It went wrong, you must know, connections raised, nobody saw. Connections spread, nobody cared, you were doomed. Just another theory. One' mong the others. You wonder what it says. 'Course you don't. Gonna tell you anyway. Shout it in your ears. Says we're all sick. Says we're infected. By a fucking lie. By a true fucking lie. That's ladies and gentlemen. News, network and shit. Flowing to your brain. Like water on new orleans. Leaving it's prints. In your deepest thoughts. We got covered. We're choking man. Information killing us. Information's killing you.
Track Name: You won't make me believe that escaping is still an option
Vampires go to bed, with blood around their lips. People go back to work, with fresh blood into their veins. The sun arises with fright, then the night escapes. Misfortune to the birds, wings are going to burn out. I don't feel amazing, making faces. I just wanna leave, i just wanna wake up. Oh god where did it start, city's going to die. Oh god where did it start, we see tears in their eyes. She takes many faces, and subway becomes a joke. She takes different faces, don't stop and please walk. I'm part of this plan, as humble as i can. I wait another day, before i turn away. You tell me to relax, and listen to these facts. That everyone's my friend, and will be' till the end. You're welcome to the new city. Be careful with your enemy. You stay up, with open eyes. Risk for you to die is not out. Just remember, how the strong wind blows. He's playing, just laughing with our nerves. Just remember, how the strong wind blows. He's playing, just laughing with our nerves.
Track Name: My sexual life with a russian supertanker
I stay awake at night, wait 'til my nightmares go away. But every morning, dark is over. Waiting for the city to wake up, Funeral men leaving.Time for me to join my lady love. I notice that city takes its velvet jacket. The fog on the tombs disappears. We're surprised coldness still here, its soul inspects.Now is the beginning of fears! Pavements they are a mess. What a worrying place. Buildings fall into pieces. Inside, I feel safe, Everything else sucks, Inside, I feel safe, I feel free. I am not ashamed, I live a unique experience.
Track Name: Yeah I'm a leftist and I'm telling you those drugs are gonna fuck you up
I don't want to stay up. For thousands of years. To make fears with people's dreams. Julia said. I'm so pretty. Pretty outside, burning inside. Take me, extract me. I want to leave. Kill me, save me.I don't want to show you my dark side.